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Desired situation

Imagine an inbox where every email is automatically categorized and labeled, allowing you to effortlessly find important messages, prioritize tasks, and maintain a clutter-free workspace. No more wasting time sifting through endless emails or missing critical communications. Your inbox becomes an organized, efficient tool that enhances your productivity and reduces stress.


Our AI program will then analyze these new emails and efficiently categorize all the data.


If any labeling criteria are met, our tool will communicate this to the system and appropriately label the email.


If any labels are missing or require updates, these changes can be easily made in an online webapp, which we then synchronize with the AI system.

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Our AI program will monitor your inbox every 2 minutes to detect and process any new incoming emails.


Our Process

Intake call:

The intake process begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific needs and email management challenges. Our team will gather detailed information about your workflow, current email practices, and desired outcomes.


During the development phase, our team will design and implement a customized labeling system tailored to your specific needs. This involves creating intelligent algorithms that accurately categorize your emails based on predefined criteria.

Onboarding Call:

Once development is complete, the onboarding process begins with the integration of our AI tool into your email system. We provide comprehensive training to ensure you and your team are comfortable using the new features.


Our team will provide regular updates and performance reviews, addressing any issues and making necessary improvements.

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"Experience unparalleled efficiency with our AI solutions."

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